Studies have shown that Massage Therapy is extremely therapeutic and offers various health benefits such as improving circulation which carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, effective with pain management with conditions such as muscle tension, lower back and sciatica pain. Massage is an excellent way to calm the nervous system and promotes a sense of well being and makes your body relax. It is even said that massage can help maintain physical mental and emotional well being of the individual especially when performed as part of  a regular health routine. 


Although there are countless health benefits to massage, it might not be for everyone especially those who suffer from bleeding disorders or take blood thinning medication, have ailments such as deep vein thrombosis, burns or healing from wounds, have fractures, severe osteoporosis or severe thrombocytopenia. An experienced and professional massage therapist would be sure to ask you important health questions before the massage to insure your safety. â€‹If you have serious concerns if massage is right for you make sure you consult your doctor.


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